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The band that never disbanded...

This year, we are proudly celebrating our 175th anniversary. Since 1842, when the band was called the Accrington Band, a band has performed in Accrington continually up to the present day. 


Despite the challenges that the band has faced over the years, they never gave up. Even when the future looked bleak, their desire to continue in the footsteps of their predecessors prevailed. To the band members who remember those challenging times, the band will always be  'the band that never disbanded' - a poignant reminder of the musicianship, pride and loyalty that have made the band the success it is today.

Our 175th Anniversary Concert 

Pleased to announce it was a great success. We played to a packed studio - a diverse and engaging audience whom I sure would be the first to admit they witnessed something rather special from the combination of music and historical video footage throughout the evening.


We were extremely pleased to welcome our local Mayor and Chris Foote Wood, local author, publisher and brother of the late comedian and actress Victoria Wood. Chris  gave us many heart-warming and endearing tales of his childhood with Victoria and talked openly and warmly about his campaign to raise funds to erect a statue in honour of his sister.


From a personal perspective, I can only say this concert was one of the most memorable I have ever played in. Thanks to everyone involved and especially to our audience who made it such a memorable event. We will be continuing to support our local Mayor with a future concert at Accrington Town Hall as part of the Mayor's charity events. Further details will be announced nearer the time.

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